Darren's Outdoor Page: MapServer

It's back! I've finally managed to get MapServer up and running again! All it took was a bit of configuration/build help from some friendly SDF members (especially plewlli) Thanks!

This is my "old" application, that I had up and running a couple of years ago. It never did work quite right, and it probably never will. Instead, it's up now as a "proof of concept" to prove that just MapServer itself is running properly.. Now that it is, I'll be going for a different interface (probably based on OpenLayers, and incorporating some WMSs of OBM and NTS data and hopefully some imagery (Blue Marble and maybe some higher resolution stuff from Google?) Anyway, stay tuned for that! Hit "Initialize" below to play with what I do have now Note that it's the layer controls and "trip line" display/queries aren't working properly at this point.

There are a few things you may want to note before you begin:

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