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  Welcome to Darren's Outdoor Page!

Latest News - July 26, 2021:

Updated my Map Resources page with some new and updated links.
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Welcome to Darren's Outdoor Page! I hope that you enjoy your stay, and find something useful here to help you in your outdoor pursuits. This page is my personal collection of information regarding canoe tripping and other outdoor recreation. Much of what you will find here is my personal opinion, so take it as you will. Browse your way through my four sections, which are described below. To access a section, click the corresponding colour-coded 'tab' above.

The Home section contains information on this page, as well as a little bit of background on me - for those of you who have nothing better to do :)
The Tripping section contains the majority of the information that this site has to offer. Here you'll find maps, journals, pictures and route descriptions for trips that I have been on. Most of these trips are canoe trips in the "Near North" of Ontario. You'll also find info. on some of the other non-canoe trips I have done. This includes day hiking and cross-country skiing trips in the Southern Ontario area. Also look for tripping tips and "how-to" in this section.
The Gear section is full of great information on gear for outdoor pursuits. Here you'll find my comprehensive list of equipment for a canoe trip, which lists all items you need for a canoe trip, as well as describes each item in detail. You'll also find links to literally hundreds of outdoor gear manufacturers - great if you're searching for that perfect tent or canoe!
The Miscellaneous section of the page is where I put all pages that don't fit in any of the other categories. Here you'll find information on outdoor survival, antique fishing tackle and many other things.
My Maps section of the page is where I have several interactive maps that will be of interest to outdoorsy folk, as well as provide links to other mapping sites on the web.
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