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This is a dated log of additions and revisions to Darren's Outdoor Page. I'll summarize all changes to my page here when they are made.

December 5, 2018Removed the Store section as Amazon changed their store application and it's not worth my time to change it.
August 6, 2015Updated some links on my map resources page.
June 3, 2012Finally updated my list of MNR Canoe Route brochures with to include some of the more recent maps/documentation I've collected and received. Thanks to all who have contributed!
March 25, 2011Added a map at the top of my Canoe Trips page that links to each trip page. This is nicer than just picking from the list!
February 14, 2011Added a 'quick viewer' for Ontario Crown Land Maps! This is the #1 most requested map, and it's now easier than ever to see! Check it out right here on Darren's Outdoor Page!
January 21, 2011Totally refreshed my Maps section! My old one-pager about 'maps' has been redirected to a new index page that provides much more information; you can now view interactive NTS and OBM maps directly from here, and also view a list of other great mapping related sites!
January 8, 2011Added my Store! You can now buy the best canoeing, cycling and skiing books right from Darren's Outdoor Page!
April 23, 2009If you're looking to have a custom canoe trailer or utility trailer built, my good friend Matt Fallowfield is now building them to spec. You can contact Matt via email here for more information.
August 3, 2008Updated my Bike Log to now link directly to the Google Spreadsheet that I use for logging rides. The stats are now automatically updated as I log! There's also a fun (if somewhat useless) graph as well...
August 3, 2008Moved my Killarney 2003 trip photos from my old-style photo album to Picasa web albums, and embedded the slideshow in the main page. This was the final album that I needed to transfer from my old-style photo album to Picasa, so I've now removed the old albums! If you find any broken links pointed at the old one, please let me know, but I think I've found them all!
March 28, 2008Updated my bike log with 2008 stats. The season has begun!
February 22, 2008Some more additions to the MNR Routes page. Thanks Oliver!
February 21, 2008Some more additions to the MNR Routes page. Thanks Les!
December 17, 2007Lots of housecleaning: removed the "Web Rings" page, since it was never used. Also, took the big step of removing my "Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear" directory. It was sadly out of date, and full of broken links and false information. Removed references to the Schneider's Farm mailing list that has been nonexistant for a couple of years.
December 14, 2007Happy Holidays!!
I have received some more MNR Route Brochures for my collection (thanks Derek!) and have updated my list of MNR Routes to reflect the new additions.
December 9, 2007Updated my Bike Log with stats for November and part of December. I've reached my goal of 5500 kms this year! Hopefully there will be a few more rides before the year is over, then on to prep for next year!
October 31, 2007Updated my Bike Log with stats for the rest of September and all of October. I've almost reached my goal of 5500 kms this year!
September 22, 2007Updated my Bike Log with stats for June, July, August and part of September.
September 13, 2007Typed up the journal for my trip to Grants Creek, and updated the page with the route description, journal and resources. It's now complete except for the map, which should be coming soon!
August 6, 2007Finally got the journal for our trip to Temagami posted!
July 2, 2007Added photos of my latest trip to Grants Creek. Journal and route description/info to follow! (and for those waiting, the Temagami journal is also coming as soon as Matt gets it typed up!)
June 20, 2007Updated my list of MNR Canoe Route Brochures as I've received a few more. Thanks Lynette and Sarah!
June 4, 2007If you have enjoyed "Darren's Outdoor Page" and found some valuable information here, please consider making a contribution to The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and help to ensure the future of wilderness areas in Canada. I have no affiliation with CPAWS, aside from believing in the cause!
June 3, 2007Started to integrate photo albums from Picasa Web Albums into my pages. I hope to replace all photo albums with Picasa web albums. Saves my bandwidth and storage, and allows for embedded slideshows in each trip page. Nice. I have also updated my Bike Log with stats for May. So far so good!
May 27, 2007My About Me page is once again up-to-date.
May 12, 2007Finally updated my Bike Log for 2007. I've been riding a fair bit, and it's going well! Still not as much as last year, but we'll see about that!
February 6, 2007I finally made some time to update my MNR Canoe Routes page with some of the brochures (thanks Dan!) that I have been neglecting for a long time. I now have a fairly significant collection, although I'm still missing a bunch! Please take a look and see if you can help out. As always, I have some plans for the info, but we'll see what happens!
January 6, 2007Finally got my Bike Log up-to-date. 2006 was my biggest year ever, with a total of 5,133.58 kms ridden. I had a large number of rides, but that's because I counted my commute to work and back as two separate rides. This also brought down the average ride length and time... If I looked at only road rides, these numbers would be much higher.
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