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The Canoe Trips page is a listing of all the canoe trips I have been on. It provides maps, route descriptions and some other interesting info you may find helpful if you are planning a trip in one of these areas. It also contains trip journals for some of the trips, so you can get a feeling for the way it's done.

Other Trips is a list of...well...other trips that I have done. This is a pretty short list right now, but will hopefully get longer.

The Resources page has a list of places to find information when you're researching an area.

MNR Canoe Routes is a list of all canoe route brochures published by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. It is my goal to obtain as many of these brochures as possible, so that this information is not lost forever. If you have any of these brochures, please help the cause by getting in touch with me!

A Day in the Life of a Wilderness Canoe Tripper is a description of what a day is like on a canoe trip. This is great for beginners who want to know what tripping involves, or for more experienced paddlers looking for different methods. It contains many of the little hints and tricks that come with practise. Give it a read!

My Food page contains a food and menu plan for a wilderness canoe trip. This is the system that I have used and it seems to work well. All items are available at a grocery store, as we all know how expensive specialty camping food is.

Remember to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments about the outdoors, my webpage, or anything else for that matter.
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