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  ALGONQUIN PARK: Smoke, Ragged, Big Porcupine, Head, Cache Lakes

Once again, another trip with the CASS Canoe Club, this one was on October 3-7 1996.

Now, the reason that this page has very little information on the trip is because that's about all I remember (very little). I really wasn't so much into the tripping idea when I took this trip, so I didn't take any notes or even really pay much attention to campsites, portages, etc. I do seem to remember that the P395 in Big Porqupine is only needed if the water is low and you can't paddle the "long way" around. It is much faster to paddle if you can. Otherwise, I think that the other portages are pretty easy. The P715 from Kirkwood to Pardee was a little confusing if I remember correctly. It branched off at the end to Lawrence Lake. It wasn't too bad though, because there were signs pointing to each lake. Otherwise, just take a look at your map and keep left on the trail. This wouldn't be a problem going the other direction. Umm....the old log chute is worth a quick glance, maybe a gorp and water stop, or lunch. It's not much but still kind of interesting. Now, since this is all from memory, and could be completely WRONG, please don't risk your life following these tidbits of info. (I guess that applies to all info. on this site too, but mostly this page, haha.)

Small Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park Smoke/Ragged Lakes
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