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  MNR Canoe Routes

I have a strong interest in preserving as much information related to canoeing and canoe routes as possible. For this reason, I have been collecting books, maps and brochures related to canoe routes. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at one time had the funding and man-power to maintain hundreds of canoe routes in the field, and document them in brochures which they made available to the public. However, due to funding cuts, the MNR does little to none of this type of work now. This is very unfortunate. Some of these routes are still maintained, and in fact some of the brochures are even up to date. However, most are not. This page will have a "complete" list of the canoe routes maintained by the MNR in the past. I say "complete" in quotations only because this is most certainly not a complete list. Instead, it is taken from the book "Canoe Routes of Ontario," which was published by the MNR for the last time in 1992 (as far as I know). This book may still be available in some stores (I got it not too long ago) or most likely at your local library. I am actively seeking any of these route brochures which I do not have. If you happen to have one that's on my "want list" I would be interested in obtaining a copy of it (either photocopied, or scanned in and e-mailed to me). If you would like to trade, please enquire by e-mailing me.

The following table is a list of all routes from the "Canoe Routes of Ontario" book. The "Have?" column indicates if I have the route or not - HC means that I have a Hard Copy, while D means that I have a digital copy of the brochure. The "Need?" column indicates if I need the brochure in question. The last column, "MNR Office" indicates which district office is (or was) responsible for the route. It may be possible to get more information on the route from the responsible office. Note that some of the items in this column are not MNR offices. Instead, some are Conservation Authorities (C.A.), Provincial Parks (P.P.) or National Parks (N.P.).

I have been in touch with the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding the legality of posting these route brochures online. Apparently it is not legal for me to post their route brochures online at all, so therefore I have removed all of the route brochures. At the moment, this page will remain in it's current form, as I'm still actively collecting these brochures. However, I have cancelled all future plans to post them online in any form. Below is the letter I received from the MNR with respect to copyright:

Hello Darren,

Your request of November 11th addressed to Terri Jacobs, has been forwarded to me for response.

MNR Canoe Routes are under exclusive copyright to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Use of MNR intellectual property (in this case our old canoe route brochures and maps) is protected by copyright, and can only be used or reproduced in any form under licence with the Ministry of Natural Resources. License fees and royalties charges may apply to the licensed intellectual property.

In addition, these particular canoe route brochures are very much out of date, no longer in print, or have been discontinued. Information contained in the old brochures has not been updated in recent years and is therefore not reliable or accurate for use by the public, particularly given the changes in lake and river conditions over the past 20 years (environmentally and developmentally).

In looking through your website, your "link" to the Ministry of Natural Resources provided on your web page appears to be in line with our current policy.

However, we would ask that under the above circumstances that you remove the MNR Canoe Route brochures that you have reproduced and posted to your site without written permission from the Ministry.

We appreciate your interest in Canada and the outdoor activities and adventures that it provides, and thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.

If we can be of any further assistance to you, please contact me at your convenience. I can be reached at the phone number shown below.

Colleen Melanson
Licencing & Data Sharing Officer
Information Access Section
Tel: 705-755-1395
Fax: 705-755-1677

(Received November 22,2002)

Since you're probably here looking for route information, and since I can't legally provide it to you, I will direct you to the Canadian Canoe Routes website. This site contains much of the information you would find in these brochures, although often in a more up-to date and accurate form! Check it out - I'm sure you'll find it a great resource. You may also want to take a look at the canoe trips that I have done, on my Canoe Trips page, or check out the books I have personally selected and made available in my book store. These are the 'best of the best' in my opinion!

No. Title   Have?     Need?   MNR Office
Section A
1The Boundary Waters Fur Trade Canoe Route YesThunder Bay
2Kaministikwia River Fur Trade Canoe Route YesThunder Bay
3Kenora Canoe Route 8 YesKenora
4Kenora Canoe Route 9 YesKenora
5Kenora Canoe Route 15 YesKenora
6Kenora Canoe Route 24 YesKenora
7Kenora Canoe Route 16 YesKenora
8Kenora Canoe Route 23 YesKenora
9Kenora Canoe Route 25 YesKenora
10Blue Lake Loop - Part of "Dryden Area Canoe Routes (#55)"HC/D Dryden
11Kenora Canoe Route 3 YesKenora
12Canoe Route 74 YesRed Lake
13Red Lake - Carroll Lake Canoe RouteDRed Lake
14Woodland Caribou Canoe Route - The Bloodvein River YesRed Lake
15Canoe Route 75 YesRed Lake
16Sioux Lookout or Lake St. Joseph to Red Lake (Canoe Route No. 76)DSioux Lookout
17Press Lake to Sioux Lookout on the English RiverHC/D Sioux Lookout
18Savant Lake - Sioux Lookout Loop Canoe RouteD Sioux Lookout
19Albany River: Sioux Lookout to Fort HopeHC Sioux Lookout
20Lake St. Joseph to Menako Lakes Canoe Route YesSioux Lookout
21Kawinogans-Bow-Otoskwin Loop YesSioux Lookout
22Gull River Canoe RouteD Thunder Bay
23Atikokan Canoe RoutesHC/DAtikokan
24No.1 Clearwater West Lake to English River YesAtikokan
25No.2 Clearwater Circle Routes through Pekagoning Lake YesAtikokan
26No.3 Eye River to Clearwater West LakeHC Atikokan
27No.4 Marmion Lake Circle RouteHC Atikokan
28No.5 Atikokan to Lac des Mille Lacs and Return YesAtikokan
29No.6 Seine River Route (Lac des Mille Lacs to Atikokan) YesAtikokan
30No.7 Seine River Route (Atikokan to Fort Frances) YesAtikokan
31No.8 Clearwater West Lake to Ignace YesAtikokan
32No.9 Wasp Lake Circle Route YesAtikokan
33No.10 Nym Lake Circle Route YesAtikokan
34White Otter Canoe Routes YesIgnace
35No.103 Ignace to White Otter LakeHC/D Ignace
36No.103A White Otter Lake to DrydenHC/D Ignace
37No.103B Nora Lake to English RiverHC/D Ignace
38No.103C White Otter Lake to Clearwater West LakeHC/D Ignace
39No.1 Nestor Falls Circle Route via Kakagi LakeHC/DFort Frances
40No.2 Caliper Lake to Burditt LakeHC/DFort Frances
41No.3 Caliper Lake to Burditt Lake via Pipestone LakeHC/DFort Frances
42No.4 Burditt Lake LoopHC/DFort Frances
43No.5 Clearwater to Lake DespairHC/DFort Frances
44No.6 Lake Despair Circle RouteHC/DFort Frances
45No.7 Rainy Lake LoopHC/DFort Frances
46No.8 Hickerson Lake to Cuttle LakeHC/DFort Frances
47No.9 Vickers Lake to Fort Frances via the Big Canoe RiverHC/DFort Frances
48No.10 Vicker Lake to Fort Frances via the Manitou RiverHC/DFort Frances
49No.11 Vickers Lake to Lower Manitou and ReturnHC/DFort Frances
50No.12 Vickers Lake to LaverHC/DFort Frances
51No.13 Vickers via Lower Manitou, Scattergood, Eaglerock, Sakwite Lake and OtukamanoanHC/DFort Frances
52No.14 Mine Centre to Redgut BayHC/DFort Frances
53No.15 Lower Seine River Canoe RouteHC/DFort Frances
54No.16 Clearwater West to Little Turtle LakeHC/DFort Frances
55Dryden Area Canoe Routes (17 Individual Routes with Maps and Descriptions)HC/D Dryden
56Woodland Caribou Canoe Route Brochure YesRed Lake
57Sioux Lookout Canoe Area YesSioux Lookout
58De Lesseps Canoe Area YesSioux Lookout
59Nipigon Canoe Routes (map)HC/DNipigon
60     ~50 large scale detailed sections of above YesNipigon
61Graham Area Canoe RoutesHC/D Thunder Bay
62No.1 Brightsand River CircleD Thunder Bay
63No.2 Brightsand River CircleD Thunder Bay
64No.3 Brightsand River CircleD Thunder Bay
65No.4 Brightsand River CircleHC/D Thunder Bay
66No.5 Kashishibog River to Brightsand RiverHC/D Thunder Bay
67No.6 Kashishibog River CircleHC/D Thunder Bay
68No.7 Pakashkan Lake CircleD Thunder Bay
69No.8 Kopka RiverD Thunder Bay
70No.62A English River to Allan Water YesIgnace
71No.78 Sandbar-Press Lake Loop YesIgnace
72No.79 Sandbar Provincial Park Loop YesIgnace
73No.80 Hwy 17 to Sandbar Provincial Park YesIgnace
74No.81 Sandbar Provincial Park to Sioux Lookout YesIgnace
75Northern Light Lake Canoe Routes (Routes 1-4) YesThunder Bay
No. Title   Have?     Need?   MNR Office
Section B
76Fawn River Canoe Route YesMoosonee
77Winisk River Canoe RouteD Moosonee/Geraldton
78Ekwan River Canoe Route YesMoosonee
No. Title   Have?     Need?   MNR Office
Section C
79The Albany River Canoe RouteHC Moosonee/Geraldton
80Abitibi River Canoe RouteHC/DCochrane/Moosonee
81Mattagami River Canoe Route (Smooth Rock Falls to Moosonee)DCochrane/Moosonee
82Missinaibi River (Mattice to Moosonee)HC Kapuskasing/Moosonee
83Limestone Rapids to Fort AlbanyHC/DMoosonee
84Wababimiga-Drowning River Canoe Route YesGeraldton
85Kenogami Canoe Route No.1 YesGeraldton
86Kenogami Canoe Route No.2 YesGeraldton
87Kenogami Canoe Route No.3 YesGeraldton
88Steel River Circle RouteHC/DTerrace Bay
89Steel River Canoe RouteHC/DTerrace Bay
90Steel Lake Canoe RouteHC/DTerrace Bay
91Kagiano River Canoe RouteHC Terrace Bay
92Foch-Nagagami Canoe RouteHC Hearst
93Missinaibi River Canoe Route (Missanabie to Mattice)HC/D Chapleau
No. Title   Have?     Need?   MNR Office
Section D
94Shumka to Missanabie Canoe RouteHC/D Chapleau
95The Shoals Canoe RouteHC/D Chapleau
96Chapleau-Nemegosenda Waterway Provincial ParkHC Chapleau
97Pishkanogami Canoe RouteHC/DChapleau
98Wakami Loop Canoe RouteHC/D Chapleau
99Wakami River Canoe RouteHC/DChapleau
100Sakatawi Canoe Route YesChapleau
101Mesomikenda-Dividing Lake Loop YesGogama
102Kamiskotia River Canoe RouteHC/DTimmins
103Tatachikapika River Canoe RouteHC/DTimmins
104Mattagami River Canoe Route (Gogama to Smooth Rock Falls)HC/D Gogama/Timmins
105Noble-Nabakwasi Canoe RouteHC/DGogama
106Grassy River Canoe RouteHC/DTimmins
107Mountjoy River Canoe RouteHC/DTimmins
108Watabeag River Canoe RouteHC/DSwastika
109Misema River and Howard Lake RouteHC/DSwastika
110Larder Lake to EnglehartHC Swastika
111Englehart River to Lake TimiskamingHC/DSwastika
112Gowganda to Matachewan RoutesHC/DSwastika
113Lang Lake - Whitefish Falls YesEspanola
114Marten River Canoe RouteHC/DNorth Bay
115Spanish River Canoe Route (Duke Lake to Agnew Lake)HC Gogama/Espanola
116Elliot Lake to Depot Lake Canoe RouteHC/DBlind River
117Dunlop Lake-Mace Lake Canoe RouteHC/DBlind River
118River aux Sables YesEspanola
119Flack Lake-Ten Mile Lake Canoe RouteD Blind River
120Boland River Canoe RouteHC/DBlind River
121Mississagi Canoe Route (Biscotasing to Aubrey Falls)HC/D Chapleau
122Lac aux Sables - Bark Lake Circle Route YesEspanola
123Mississagi River Canoe Route (Aubrey Falls to Lake Huron)HC/DBlind River
124Wenebegon Canoe RouteHC/DChapleau/Blind River
125Aubinadong Canoe RouteD Chapleau
126Aubinadong River Canoe Route (East Branch)HC/DBlind River
127Ranger Lake Circle RouteHC Sault Ste. Marie
128Goulais River Canoe RouteD Sault Ste. Marie
129Batchawana River Canoe RouteHC Sault Ste. Marie
130The Coastal Trip YesPukaskwa N.P.
131White River Canoe RouteHC/DWawa
132Canoeing White LakeHC/DWawa
133Obatanga Provincial Park Canoe RouteHC Wawa
134The Bremner River Canoe Route (Pinei or McCrea Lake to Hwy 17)HC/DWawa
135The Kwinkwaga River Canoe RouteHC/DWawa
136The Depew River Canoe Route (Hwy 17 or 631 to the White River)HC/DWawa
137Sand River Canoe RouteHC/DLake Superior P.P.
138Old Woman Lake Canoe RouteHC/DLake Superior P.P.
139Fenton-Treeby Lake Canoe RouteHC Lake Superior P.P.
140Belanger Lake Canoe RouteHC Lake Superior P.P.
141Rabbit Blanket Lake Canoe RouteHC Lake Superior P.P.
142Lower Agawa River Canoe RouteHC Lake Superior P.P.
143Anjigami River Canoe RouteHC Lake Superior P.P.
144Gamitagama Lake Canoe Route YesLake Superior P.P.
145Lake Superior Canoe Route (Agawa Bay to Michipicoten Harbour) YesLake Superior P.P.
146Canoeing in Lake Superior Provincial ParkHC Lake Superior P.P.
147Route A Sturgeon River (McCullough Lake to Wanapitei Lake)HC Sudbury
148Route B Sturgeon River (McCullough Lake to Glen Afton)HC Sudbury
149Route C North Wanapitei RiverHC Sudbury
150Route D Wanapitei Lake and VicinityHC Sudbury
151Route E South Wanapitei River (Wanapitei Lake to Georgian Bay)HC Sudbury
152Route F Onaping RiverHC Sudbury
153Route 19 (Part One) Vermillion River (Thor Lake to Capreol)HC Sudbury
154Route 19 (Part Two) Vermillion River (Bass Lake to McCharles Lake)HC Sudbury
155Route 21 Spanish River YesSudbury
156Temagami Canoe RoutesHC/DTemagami
No. Title   Have?     Need?   MNR Office
Section E
157Mattawa River Provincial ParkHCNorth Bay
158French River Canoe RouteHCNorth Bay
159Restoule-Upper French Canoe RouteHC/DNorth Bay
160Dokis Canoe RouteHC/D North Bay
161Mercer Lake-Little French River LoopHCNorth Bay
162Pickerel and Wolf River Canoe RoutesHCParry Sound
163Magnetawan River Canoe RouteHC/DParry Sound
164South Georgian Bay Canoe RoutesHC Parry Sound
165Canoeing the Gibson-McDonaldHC/DMidhurst
166Canoe Muskoka-HaliburtonHC/DBracebridge
167The Poker Lake Canoe RouteHCMinden
168Canoe Routes on the Burnt River SystemHC/DMinden
169The Indian River Canoe RouteHC/DOtonabee Region C.A.
170The Moira and Skootamatta Canoe Route GuideHC/DMoira River C.A.
171Kishkebus Canoe RouteHC/DNapanee
172Mississippi River-Big Gull Lake Canoe RouteHCNapanee
173Pine Trees and Portages: A Mississippi Canoeing Experience YesMississippi Valley C.A.
174Charleston Lake - Gananoque Lake Canoe RouteHC Napanee
175Nottawasaga River Canoe RouteHC/DMidhurst
176Beaver River Canoe RouteHC/DOwen Sound
177Rankin River Canoe RouteHC/DOwen Sound
178Saugeen River Canoe RouteHCOwen Sound
179Canoe the MaitlandHC Wingham
180Canoe the Bayfield RiverHC/D Wingham
181Canoe the Lower Thames River YesChatham
182Big Creek Canoe RouteHC Simcoe
183Canoeing on the Grand YesCambridge
184Killarney Provincial Park MapHCKillarney P.P.
185Canoe Routes of Algonquin Provincial ParkHC/DWhitney
186Gull River Canoe RoutesHC/DMinden
187North Kawartha Canoe Routes and High Falls Hiking TrailHC Bancroft/Minden
188Route 2-72 (Chaffeys Locks Loop)HC/DGlenburnie
189Route 1A-76 (Newboro Loop)HC/DGlenburnie
190Route 1-71 (Newboro Loop)HC/DGlenburnie
191Route 7-77 (Perth Road Loop)HC/DGlenburnie
192Route 4A-74 (Delta to Charleston)HC/DGlenburnie
193Route 4-72 (Delta to St. Lawrence River)HC/DGlenburnie
194Route 3-73 (Jones Falls to Delta)HC/DGlenburnie
195Route 5-76 (Seeleys Bay Loop)HC/DGlenburnie
No. Title   Have?     Need?   MNR Office
Route Brochures not Described in "Canoe Routes of Ontario" book
196Mississippi River Canoe RouteHC/DNapanee
197Redstone River Canoe RouteHCTimmins
198Sudbury Area Canoe Routes (overview map of routes in Sudbury district)HCSudbury
199Root River Lake St Joseph to Lac Seul Sioux Lookout Forest DistrictDSioux Lookout
200Matinenda - Blind River Canoe RouteHC/DBlind River
201Ompa, Little Quirke, Semiwite Lake Canoe RouteHC/DBlind River
202Larder River Provincial ParkDSwastika
203Little White River Canoe RouteHCBlind River
204Paddling the PukaskwaHCPukaskwa N.P.
205Dogtooth - Kilvert - Kushog - Little Dogtooth & Dogtooth Lakes (Download)DKenora
206Dogtooth Lake - Hawk Lake - Kilvert Lake (Download)DKenora
207Dogtooth Lake - Little Dogtooth Lake (Download)DKenora
208Dogtooth Lake - Stewart Lake [with an Alternate to Winnange Lake and Manomin Lake] (Download)DKenora
209Kakagi Lake - Cameron Lake (Download)DKenora
210No. 9 Weaver River to Obonga LakeDThunder Bay
211KE-C11 Canal Bay Canoe Route - Esox Lake to Nestor FallsHCKenora
212Dogtooth Lake-Highwind Lake-Dryberry Lake- Lake of the Woods-Blindfold Lake (Download)DKenora
213Hunter's Island Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
214Olifaunt Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
215Walter Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
216Quetico Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
217McKenzie Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
218Cirrus, Jean Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
219Maligne, Beaverhouse Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
220Oriana, Quetico Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
221Kahshahpiwi Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
222Kawnipi Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
223Agnes Lake, Maligne River Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
224Jean Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
225Darky Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
226The Man Chain Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
227Brent Lake Loop - Quetico Provincial Park Canoe RoutesHCQuetico
228The Black Lake Canoe RouteHCBancroft
229Kenora-Fort St. Charles Loop KE-C23 YesKenora
230Rushing River To Aulneau Peninsula KE-C24 YesKenora
231Kenora-Cygnet Lake Loop KE-C25 YesKenora
232Winnipeg River-Umfreville Lake Route Loop KE-C105 YesKenora
233Ena Lake-Separation Lake Canoe Route KE-C108 YesKenora
234Wonderland Lake Canoe Route KE-C111 YesKenora
235Keys Lake-Canyon Lake Route KE-C112 YesKenora
236Island Lake-Dogtooth Lake KE-C115 YesKenora
237Groundhog River Canoe RouteHC Hearst
238Minnipuka Lake to Mattice or Minnipuka Lake to Oba YesHearst
239Shekak River YesHearst
240Outdoor Recreation in the Nagagamisis UplandsHC Hearst
241Elk Lake RoutesHC Kirkland Lake
Totals:240 Different Routes17962Have 74.3%

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