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  MASSASSAUGA PROVINCIAL PARK - Clear Lake, Spider Lake, Georgian Bay

This is another trip that I did with the CASS Canoe Club. Scroll down to the bottom to read my journal of the trip.

A park map is available. All site numbers below refer to this park map.

May 7
Left school in Woodstock Ontario at 2:15 pm
Arrived at Oastler Lake Provincial Park at 6:30 pm
Slept at Oastler Lake Provincial Park

Todays portage distance = 0 m
Total portage distance = 0 m
Todays paddle distance = 0 Km
Total paddle distance = 0 Km

May 8
Drove to Massassauga Provincial Park
Arrived at Three Legged Lake Access point.
Paddled west through Three Legged Lake
P320 (easy) into Spider Lake
Lunch at Site 25
P30 (carryover) into a small un-named lake
P270 into Clear Lake
1 Km paddle to a great island Site #32 This is a very nice campsite!
another option is Site #34 across the bay because the above site may be occupied

Todays portage distance = 620 m
Total portage distance = 620 m
Todays paddle distance = 16 Km
Total paddle distance = 16 Km

May 9
West on Clear Lake
P 475 into Georgian Bay
Paddled west along the south side of Pennsylvania Island
Island hopped to Wreck Island
set up camp on south east side of Wreck Island
Paddled to West end of Wreck Island and walked the interpretive trail. This trail was an interesting walk with a guide which pointed out points of interest.
Paddled around the island to our site.

Todays portage distance = 475 m
Total portage distance = 1095 m
Todays paddle distance = 16 Km
Total paddle distance = 32 Km

May 10
Paddled from Wreck Island to North side of Pennsylvania Island
Between Breen Island and Matthews Island into Three Finger Bay
P250 into Goose Neck Bay
Lunch on Goose Neck Bay
Paddled into Spider Bay
P130 (easy) into Spider Lake
Camp on island sites #9 and #10

Todays portage distance = 380 m
Total portage distance = 1475 m
Todays paddle distance = 25 Km
Total paddle distance = 57 Km

May 11
Paddle South East to same P320 as before into Three Legged Lake
Paddle East on Three Legged Lake to access point.

Todays portage distance = 320 m
Total portage distance = 1795 m
Todays paddle distance = 5 Km
Total paddle distance = 62 Km


Here's an edited version of the trip journal I kept. It's mostly just point form babbling that I scribble down at night in the tent. I may miss some important points, so certainly don't use this as your only route description! It's probably not of much help to anyone, but here it is anyway. :-)

May 7
Left school at 2:15 pm. Drove via hwys. 401, 407, 400/69 to Oastler Provincial Park. Arrived at campsite at 6:30 pm. and set up tents. Drove to Parry Sound for Pizza Hut. Mmmmmmmmm..... It was the fastest service I have ever had at a Pizza Hut! and it was good as always! Back to campsite for a fire and then to bed. It rained hard just after we got the tents up. warm, 21oC.

May 8
Woke up at 4:30 am. because of the trains! Went back to sleep until 5:30. Packed and got up. Breakfast of eggs, sausage, bagels, PB&J, Orange Juice, Hot Oatmeal. Packed cars and drove to Massassauga Park. Left Three Legged Lake Access Point at 9:30 am. Paddled to P320 into Spider Lake (easy portage). Paddled Spider Lake to lunch site at Site 25. Lunch of subs. P30 (carryover) to small un-named lake. P270 to Clear Lake. 1 Km paddle to island site (#32). This is a beautiful site! Set up camp, did some swimming and vegged. Supper of fajitas with steak, chicken. After supper, half the group (including me) paddled to point site #34 to camp so that we would have the allowed number on each sire. It was only a 5 min. paddle from one site to the next. Had a campfire with hot chocolate and s'mores. Some of us camped out under the stars with a canoe as a windbreak. The day was very warm with a fairly strong wind. It was very windy at night.

May 9
Woke up under the canoe at 6 am. Packed and paddled back to the island site to meet the rest of the group. Breakfast of Oatmeal, bagels. A warm 9oC in the morning. Paddled west on Clear Lake to P475 into Georgian Bay. West along the South side of Pennsylvania Island, then island hopped to Wreck Island. Sailed some of the way. Got to Wreck Island by noon. Layed in the sun on the rocks and got scorched. Lunch of Pitas and toppings. Paddled to the west end of the island to walk the Interpretive Trail. One of our group almost stepped on a Massassauga Rattle Snake! It "buzzed" at us for 5 minutes while we stood and stared at it. After the trail we paddled the long way around the island to look for the wreck of the Wabano. We didn't find the wreck because of the large waves. Supper of garlic bread, caesar salad and spaghetti with meat sauce and lemon surprise with whipped cream for dessert! It was 28oC today! We played cards and told jokes while eating jerky, the slept outside on a large rock by the small bay we are camped on.

May 10
Up at 5:45. Packed and had breakfast of pancakes and fruit cups with yogurt. From Wreck Island we paddled to the North side of Pennsylvania Island, then between Breen Island and Matthews Island into Three Finger Bay. P250 into Goose Neck Bay. Lunch of stoners and toppings. Paddled into Spider Bay, then easy P130 into Spider Lake. Camped on island sites #9 and 10. Paddled 24.4 Km today! Arrived at camp by 4 pm. Had a snack of crackers, cheese and Pringles. Supper of Kraft Dinner (yuck), ham, greek salad. We had wrestling matches on the springy bed of pine needles on the forest floor. The group we camped beside were from all over and had actually paddled and portaged into this site with a chainsaw!, yes you read that right, they carried a chainsaw with them! Talk about nutz!

May 11
Woke up at 7 to a gentle rain that had been going all night. Breakfast of hot cereal with chocolate chips, raisins, sunflower seeds and brown sugar. On the water by 10 am. Short paddle south east to the same P320 into Three Legged Lake. To the cars and then drove to Oastler for......drum roll please.......HOT showers!. Then drove to Barrie for lunch at Harvey's, then home.
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