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  SAUGEEN RIVER: Camp Cherith to Southampton

This is a trip I have done twice with Camp Cherith. The trip started at the camp, which is just downstream of Walkerton. The info below is from the brochure titled "Saugeen River Canoe Route" published by The Saugeen Country Tourism Association.

Go here to see a map of this trip.

Camping and Picnic Areas Along the Route
(#'s correspond to those on the map)

1. Hanover Park - camping, picnicking, drinking water, toilets, showers.

2. Saugeen Rendez-Vous Campground - camping, picnicking, toilets, showers, canoe launch

3. Walkerton Stop - picnicking

4. Lobies Town Park - camping, picnicking, drinking water, toilets, showers, canoe launch

5. Lobsinger Break - picnicking

6. McBeath Conservation Area - camping, picnicking, toilets (public access by river only)

7. Dr. Don and Jean Milne Park - picnicking (shelter), drinking water, toilets

8. Paisley Rotary Campground - camping, picnicking, drinking water, toilets, showers

9. Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area - camping, picnicking, drinking water, toilets, showers, canoe launch

10. Denny's Dam (Saugeen River sea lamprey control barrier, fishway and access point for fishing) - toilets, parking, canoe launch

(Letters correspond to those on the map)

A few short portages are required to bypass dams. Please observe related signs. Strong currents and undertow conditions may exist at dams.

A. Maple Hill Dam - Portage on left side, immediately upstream of bridge. Caution should be exercised as dam is located immediately downsteam of bridge. Total distance approx. 100 metres

B. Hydro Dam - Portage on left. approx. 30 metres.

C. Walkerton Dam & Fishway - Portage as posted.

D. Denny's Dam - Canoe docking and steps provided on left bank.

Saugeen River Canoe Route
Hanover to Southampton
*Time: 21-27 hours (3-4 days)
Distance: 102 kilometres

The times listed are typical for late May. Actual times will vary according to water conditions and the canoeist's ability. The length of any outing can be extremely flexible, due to road and public access along the route.

Section Descriptions
Hanover to Walkerton
20 kilometres - 5 hours
Three dams, once used for milling and hydro electric generation are located along this section. From Hanover to the Maple Hill Dam, the water tends to be deep and slow moving. Downstream several gentle rapids are encountered. This section of the route tends to be the most heavily wooded.

Walkerton to Paisley
39 kilometres - 7-10 hours

Downstream of Walkerton, a number of high sand and clay bluffs border the river, providing homes for swallows and kingfishers. Caution should be exercised in portions of this section, as many rapids, large rocks and flood debris are encountered. This is the most challenging section of the route. In the downstream portions of this section, the forest cover gives way to gently rolling pastures.

Paisley to Southampton (Denny's Dam)
43 kilometres - 9-12 hours

Several gentle rapids occur between Paisley and Southampton. In the vicinity of Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area, the river is bordered by clay bluffs, forming the edge of a well-defined floodplain. Further downstream, the river is braided by sandy, treed islands, which are the remnants of a former delta.

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