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  The Way I See It: Why Do I Canoe Trip?

Why do I canoe trip? My answer is not easy, nor is it the same as anyone elses. Sometimes it's hard to explain in words the reasons why, but here's my attempt:
  • to wake up every morning, and be genuinely happy to start the day
  • to experience something new every single day that most people will never get to experience
  • to get good, healthy exercise - without it seeming like work
  • to breath in crisp, clean air
  • to appreciate what I have in life
  • to sit and contemplate in silence
  • to forget about the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life
  • to accept different pressures and responsibilities - those of protecting nature and ourselves
  • to enjoy the small things - like the leaves blowing in the wind
  • to really feel alive
  • to enjoy the company of others who have similar interests
  • to learn valuable lessons in life, which sometimes can be learned in no other way
  • to learn respect for the natural environment, and everything that is in it
  • to be amazed by the complexity of a seemingly simple life
  • to be amazed by the simplicity of a seemingly complex life
  • to really understand what it's like to be cold
  • to test my limits
  • to gain appreciation and respect for the amazing power of nature
  • to finally get to the end of the portage and realize that it was worth all the pain
  • to really think about something without being distracted
  • to appreciate those who I call friends
  • to see stars that are never visible in the city
  • to see sunsets that can never be done justice in a photograph
  • to share a smile or a conversation with a complete stranger
  • to paddle across a lake that is as smooth as glass, surrounded by perfect fall colours
  • to go to bed exhausted, but happy
  • to sleep more soundly than I thought possible
  • to learn who I really am
That is why I canoe trip.

Darren Cope
Oct.17, 2001
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