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I have decided to take my huge, ungainly, ugly links pages, and shorten it to one page. I will only include links that get a **** or higher. This is because huge pages of links can be found everywhere, and I don't feel I need one of my own! I am always glad to take a look at your link and any new link suggestions would be appreciated. Don't feel bad if your page doesn't make the grade, just keep working on it and try later!

Page Title
Canadian Canoe Routes
A fabulous page with tons of canoe route descriptions for locations across Canada, but most of the info. is about Ontario (The page was formerly know as "Ontario Canoe Routes"). This is a must for anyone looking for info. on canoe trips. The forums are the best I've ever seen! They're a great way to get advice from other paddlers, and they have a great sense of community! Also includes great info/technique pages and many other great features. Definitely check this page out if you even think you like canoeing! This is my all-time favourite website!
This is a government of Canada page that has online topographical maps of Canada , now down to a scale of 1:50 000! This is an excellent site to visit to check out the basic shapes of lakes where you're going. It will also allow you to easily determine which maps you will need for a trip. There is an excellent search feature that allows you to enter any place name, click on one of the choices it gives you, and the program will zoom you directly to that spot! Beyond just being really cool, it's also a very useful tool! Check it out for sure! (Yes it even runs on my old 486...just not very well!)
Equipped to Survive
This is another great page. It has tons of information on survival gear and techniques. This is the place to go before buying any piece of survival gear. Doug Ritter has described what to look for in survival equipment, so you get the most practical gear. Be sure to check out Interactive Survival and The Survival Forum.
Bluewaters Wilderness Canoeing Homepage
Blair Caron has put together an excellent paddling page! It's a wonderful spot to waste some time while dreaming of a trip, or an even better place to plan for your trip. Blair has lots of route information, maps, trip logs and campsite ratings. Also check out the great photo galleries, or a tribute to Bill Mason. Thanks Blair for such a great page! It's well worth a visit!
A Quiet Journey
Fantastic site with amazing photos, panaramas, "virtual canoe trips" and many other great time wasters. If you're sitting inside the house in the middle of winter, this site will make you want to paddle NOW! Truly astonishing photography! Most of the information on this site from the BWCAW/Quetico area, but of course the info tends to apply to most other areas as well. Check it out!
tahoe's BWCAW Pages
A fantastic site! Packed with information on canoe tripping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, but most of the information applies equally to other areas. Check out the "Tenderfoot's Planning Guide" for a top-notch intro to canoe tripping. Also check out gear lists, photos, and loads of other great stuff on this site!
Margot and Vernon Neis Wilderness Canoe Trips
Marg and Vern have certainly put together an impressive list of canoe trips, both in Canada and abroad (U.S., New Zealand, Australia). They have posted fabulously interesting and informing journal entries, maps, photos and stories! Great for a read! I can only hope I get to paddle as many rivers as these two, and I certainly hope I'm still at it when I'm their age!!
Backpacker Magazine's GearFinder. "The most comprehensive guide to hiking and camping gear anywhere." GearFinder searches for gear that meet the criteria you enter. Great for narrowing down the search when looking for a new piece of equipment. Choose from searches for Packs, boots, sleeping bags, liner bags, bivy sacks, tents, stoves, filters, sleeping pads, and overbags. One of my favourite sites!
Sheldon Brown's Cycling Pages
Sheldon Brown is considered by many to be a cycling guru. If you spend some time on his webpage, you'll see why. He has an incredible amount of cycling information on his pages, and it's all very easy to read and understand. If you want history, repair tips, technique ideas, etc. about cycling, Sheldon is the man.
Friends Of Killarney Park
A great site from the Friends of Killarney Park (the "Crown Jewel" of Ontario's parks). Check out this page for news on the park, info. on joining the friends, a great photo gallery, and links to other Killarney related sites on the web.
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
The Official MNR site. This page has tons of info. on Lands for Life, Fish and Wildlife, Ontario Parks, Ontario Rangers, Ontario's Forests, and lots of other useful facts!
Cross Country Ski World
Straight from the source: "The ultimate resource for general information, news and educational articles related to every aspect of Cross Country Skiing and Racing. Designed for absolute beginners thru seasoned veterans, there is plenty for everyone interested in the sport. Regular updates made year-round." That about explains it all, 'nuff said.
The Gear Review Company
A company that reviews gear. It you are thinking of buying some gear, check this page out to see if they have a review of what you're looking for. Also has links to manufacturers, trail reviews, Outdoor Gear FAQ's, and the Gear Assistant (similar to GearFinder).
Parks Canada
The official Parks Canada Page. Has info. on many things, including fees, reservations, history and archaeology, special events, employment, and tour operators.
Erhard's Canoe Page
Erhard Kraus has a fascinating web page containing some hard to find info about environmental issues, canoeing, digital maps, some entertaining stories, and route descriptions. If you're ever looking for something to do for an evening, check out this page!
Fixing Fiberglass Canoes and Boats
A fantastic resource for do it yourselfers who abuse their canoes (and who doesn't!) This is an excellent illustrated article by Cliff Jacobson.
More links are being added all the time! Keep watching the What's New? page for update info.
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