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  The Way I See It

This is a new idea I came up with one night while I was really bored... so thought I would share with my readers. This section will soon contain a collection of articles that I have written about many topics, showing just how I feel about things. Be advised that there is no room for proper grammar (or spelling for that matter) in my rants and raves (or in the rest of this website for that matter). If my choice of language does not please you feel free to email me. However, don't expect a reply (or if you do get a reply.. don't expect a nice one) You've been warned. Also.. don't look for 100% accuracy in these rants, as I sometimes (ok.. often) exaggerate to prove my point. (so kill me.. everyone does it). These may be way off base.. and may even be completely wrong.. however, as the title says, this is "the way i see it" so if you don't agree, too bad.

Save Wilderness Canoeing - A new group is being formed to help preserve Canadas canoe routes. Read more about it here! - February 23, 2002

Why Do I Canoe Trip? - Reasons why I canoe trip - October 17, 2001

Europe Bound Rip-Off! - How Europe Bound Travel Outfitters are ripping off product designs from Mountain Equipment Co-op - June 12, 2001

Fads in Outdoor Gear - A comment on fads that affect the outdoor gear industry - May 14, 2001

Price vs. Quality - A comment on the price of outdoor gear.. and what you actually get for your money - May 07, 2001

More articles coming shortly. Keep checking out the What's New? page for update info.
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