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This is the old version of my "What's New" page. It shows past site updates.

November 7, 2006Posted a trip log and info page for the trip I took to the Nine Mile Lake Area. It's got much better mapping than before (using Google Earth/Maps) and is an example of what I would like all my trip maps to look like (actually I'm working on more than this too, but no guarantees!)
October 18, 2006Posted a trip log and info page for the Black River trip that Mark and I did at the end of September. I also posted some photos from the trip Randy, Mike and I took to the Frost Centre in the spring. Finally, added Bike Log stats for August and September.
October 12, 2006Updated the About Me page a bit, and put in the first implementation of my new photo gallery. Let me know what you think. I hope to be rolling it out to all my photo albums.
August 18, 2006FINALLY posted the journal for the trip that Matt, Mike and I did on the Mattawa River back in May. Also updated my bikelog with July stats--my highest mileage month ever!
July 1, 2006Happy Canada Day!! Updated my Bike Log with stats for June--my second biggest month since I've been keeping records.
June 8, 2006Updated my Bike Log with stats for the end of May.
May 11, 2006Added the journal/info page for my latest trip to the Frost Centre a few weeks ago.
April 30, 2006Updated my Bike Log with stats for the end of April.
April 15, 2006Updated my Bike Log with stats for the end of March and part of April. I expect mileage to increase steadily as the weather improves!
April 2, 2006Added a favourite icon (check up top by the URL...). You should see something that looks like this: It's a smaller version of this photo (one of my favourites):
March 22, 2006Updated my Bike Log with stats for Feb and March (on my new bike!!)
January 24, 2006Posted a quick note about the paddle Matt and I did on the Grand River. I also updated my Bike Log and About Me pages.
November 29, 2005UPDATE: My two bikes were recently STOLEN from my garage in Barrie Ontario. Please see more information here.
October 31, 2005Updated my Bike Log with October stats.
October 13, 2005Added an up-to-date picture of my Vintage Moulden Road Bike.
October 11, 2005Removed all menu references and links to my MapServer GIS application, as it has been down for quite a while and won't be fixed. However, I am working on something new and better...just don't hold your breath!
October 6, 2005Added a journal and info page for the trip that Kari and I did from Sept.1-5 in the Frost Centre.
October 6, 2005Updated my Bike Log with September stats.
September 8, 2005Updated my Bike Log with August stats.
August 24, 2005Updated my MNR Routes page with the addition of another route brochure I have obtained.
August 8, 2005Well, I've finally started a blog. Check it out to see what I think about the world of GIS (which will be my blog's main topic of discussion.)
August 2, 2005Updated my bike log with stats for the month of July.
July 27, 2005A trip log for my latest trip to Frontenac Park is now posted!
July 17, 2005Added a new page to my site - the trip planning Resources page. Here you can find places to look for information when you are researching a trip.
July 14, 2005Added some information about paddling the Nith River from Canning to Paris and the Tay River in Perth. I also updated my About Me page and my Vintage Moulden Road Bike page.
July 3, 2005Updated my Bike Log page with full stats for the month of June.
June 4, 2005Did a couple of slight changes to the MNR Routes page.
June 1, 2005I finally got around to adding a description of the day trip we did on the Nith River on May 7. Also posted pictures on the Frost Centre journal page.
May 31, 2005Updated my Bike Log with May stats.
May 24, 2005Posted the trip log, route description, etc. for the trip Matt and I just finished to the Frost Centre!
May 3, 2005Finally got around to posting trip information for the Thanksgiving trip we took to the Frost Centre last year. Also posted a quick update of a paddle on the Oxbow Loop and the Grand from Glen Morris to Paris.
May 1, 2005Updated my Bike Log for all April rides.
April 22, 2005Updated my Bike Log for all rides I've done in 2005. So far, nothing special.. but 350.25 km is not bad for April.
February 9, 2005Updated my resume (.pdf file). I'm now actively looking for full-time job, as I graduate in April.
February 4, 2005Finally got around to updating my Vintage Moulden Road Bike page with some information I've received from helpful readers. Thanks all! Also, just a quick note to tell you that my MapServer application is currently down, and will not likely be fixed for some time, as I'm not sure what's wrong with it, and I don't have much time right now to find out!
January 20, 2004Updated my Bike Log with December and final 2004 stats. I logged over 3,200 kms (2000 miles) this year! Also updated the About Me page for the first time in much too long. Also added a page about a skiing area near Woodstock - Vansittart Woods.
November 30, 2004Updated my Bike Log with November stats.
October 31, 2004Updated my Bike Log with October stats. I've also purchased a set of rollers, so I can continue to train if the weather is bad...which it inevitably will be...
October 12, 2004Uploaded the journal for the Frontenac Trip, and updated some shapefiles for my Mapserver with new trips. Mapserver seems to be down right now though.. but I don't have time to look at it right now... :(
October 6, 2004Updated my Bike Log page with final August and September stats, and partial October stats.
September 28, 2004Updated the MNR Canoe Routes page to reflect a few more brochures that I have obtained! Also updated the Site Map and Playlist pages.
August 14, 2004Updated my Bike Log page with July stats, and partial August stats. Unfortunately, my sprained ankle resulted in very few rides in July and the first part of August :(
August 6, 2004I've added four trips to my pages. Check out my trips to the Frost Centre, the Chiniguchi Loop, the Oxbow on the Grand River and the Thames River. Good times!
July 1, 2004Happy Canada Day! Updated my bikelog with June stats.
June 6, 2004Updated the About Me page so that it's up-to-date again, and updated my Resume as well.
May 31, 2004Updated my Bike Log page with final May stats.
May 20, 2004I've modified my Bike Log page. It no longer tracks daily rides (too much effort :) so now contains only monthly summaries of my rides. Rest assured that I'm still riding most every day (more than ever in fact!)
April 1, 2004Version 2 of my MapServer Application is now online. It's better than v1, but still has some issues. Check it out anyway! It now has tons of data, thanks to the CTIS WMS, which lets me link up with NTS topo map data. So, it's pretty detailed!
February 15, 2003My first customized MapServer Application is now up and running here! It is a work in progress, so don't expect too much just yet.
February 14, 2003IT'S ALIVE! Mapserver is now live on Darren's Outdoor Page!!! (yes, ok, I'm just a bit excited) Right now all you can see is the demo version, but since that works, I know my own data will work once I get it all together. So.. wait for it! In the mean time, check out the demo! This demo will not be a permanent part of my site, but once I get my own application running, that will be integrated into the rest of the site.
February 12, 2004Matt and I went skiing last weekend in Gatineau Park, and I have posted some information and pictures about our trip. It was great!
January 25, 2004Updated the About Me page a bit.
January 18, 2004Well, I'm all settled in here in Ottawa now, and have done a couple updates. I fixed some broken links on the Canoe Trip Menu Planning Page. Hopefully I'll have some skiing info. from Gatineau Park shortly, as I hope to get there next weekend!
January 1, 2004HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm heading up to Ottawa tomorrow, and won't have an internet connection for a while, until I get one set up there. Therefore, there will be no updates until I get everythign up and running again. So, until then...
December 16, 2003Added my route description and information page for the latest trip that I did to Killarney Provincial Park.
November 7, 2003Updated the About Me page, and also have been updating my Bike Log after every ride.
October 22, 2003Posted pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Killarney. The trip description/journal, etc. will be posted shortly.
October 3, 2003Wow.. I finally found some time to update my page a bit. I'm really busy at school this term! Updated my resume and also added SiteMeter to all photo album pages.
August 20, 2003Added a page with information about the custom Jim Moulden vintage road bike that I'm now the proud owner of. I spec. out all of the components, and show some pictures, in the hopes that someone can provide me with some more information on the bike
August 5, 2003Posted some info about the short paddle that Matt and I did on the long weekend, from Hawkesville to St. Jacobs Dam on the Conestogo River.
July 19, 2003Added another picture to my GRASS_GIS album. This time, I was playing around with the watershed function. Cool stuff.
July 17, 2003Updated my playlist, since I realized it didn't have any of my Tragically Hip songs listed. Also, I've been updating my bikelog after every ride (every weekday at least) so keep checking it out!
July 6, 2003Posted pictures from the Mattawa River trip that Matt and I did!
July 5, 2003Finally transferred my page from www.oxford.net to my new server at http://dmcope.freeshell.org. Please update any bookmarks and/or links that you may have that point to the old site. I will attempt to keep that site intact, with links pointing to the new site, but I will no longer update it. Thanks!
June 30, 2003Added pictures of the Big Otter Creek canoe trip that Mike and I did recently. Also, moved my entire Photo Album to my new hosting site, at dmcope.freeshell.org! My entire page is currently mirrored there, and that will soon be the new home of all of my pages. There are currently some links on the new pages which need to be updated, but other than that, it's fully operational. More by the end of the week.
June 23, 2003Just got back from the Mattawa River and posted a trip log and journal. Photos will be coming soon too!
June 10, 2003Added another excellent link to my links page.
June 1, 2003Posted my Bike Log online. Here you can follow my everyday biking (both commuting and recreational rides). I really created this page for my own benefit, but thought that posting it online for all to see would increase my motivation. Since I will hopefully be updating this page after every ride, I won't be adding an entry to this "What's New?" page every time. So..this entry is just to let you know that the page exists, and that you can check it daily if you want to follow along with me.
May 21, 2003Updated my Academic Page a bit, and posted some new pictures in my photo album - this time they're screenshots of a GRASS tutorial that I'm doing.
May 20, 2003Added some pictures to the photo album. This time there's some pics from our Thanksgiving 2001 trip to the Poker Lake Route. I know that was a while ago, but I decided to put the pics up anyway! I also added some descriptive captions to the canoe repair album, and put the pictures in a meaningful order. Thanks to Matt for writing up these captions for me!
May 19, 2003Added a page about my latest trip - a day trip down Big Otter Creek that Mike and I did today.
May 11, 2003Updated the about me page, and added a link to the maps page. You can now view the location of crown land in Ontario online, on the Crown Land Use Atlas. Great!
May 3, 2003Added a Photo Album section to my site. So far it doesn't match my site layout, and it's hosted on my "250free.com" site, so it's not too great. I'm working on making it consistent with my other pages, and hopefully getting it off of 250free to avoid the pop-up ads (sorry about them for now!). Right now the Photo Album only contains some pictures of my friend Matt's Canoe Repair and Restoration, and some pictures of the Nith River Trip that Mike and I did on April 25th.
May 3, 2003Posted a route description for the Conestogo River trip that Matt, Hil and I did on April the 26th. It was a great trip! Read all about it!
April 25, 2003Posted some information about a section of the Nith River that Mike and I paddled on April 25.
April 22, 2003Posted some information about a section of the Nith River that Matt and I paddled on April 19.
April 22, 2003Added a link to my Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear page.
March 29, 2003Updated my maps page with information on how to access the toporama site.
March 23, 2003Updated the About Me page, and posted my latest playlist.
February 26, 2003Added a link to the Schneider's Farm mailing list to the Schneider's Farm map page to hopefully get more members!
February 6, 2003Started a mailing list/egroup to discuss snow and trail conditions at the Schneider's Farm. Join if you go there! If you post a message every time you go, we'll soon have an up-to-date conditions report!
February 5, 2003Updated the about me page a bit.
January 27, 2003Added a 3D map of Schneider's Farm... it's more for fun than anything, as it's not really meant to be accurate. Maybe in the future it'll be better.. who knows?
January 19, 2003Due to space limitations on my server, some of my images and .pdf files are now stored on a remote server (Special thanks to www.250free.com!). This means that some of the pictures/.pdf files may load a bit slower, and may actually be down sometimes, as there is a transfer limit on 250free. So.. if you experience problems with images not showing up, check first to see if it's a local image or one stored on 250free. If it's on 250free, you will just have to wait and try again later! You can let me know though, so I get a sense of how reliable their server is! Hopefully this works out...
January 19, 2003Posted a bit of information about skiing at Schneider's Farm.
January 14, 2003Posted my latest work-term report in the Academic section, titled Determining Correlation Between Baseflow and Surficial Geology Using GIS
January 14, 2003I have added a new section to my webpage with some samples of my academic work. My resume has also been moved to this new Academic section.
December 1, 2002I have received a reply from the MNR regarding the legality of posting their canoe route brochures online. Check out the MNR Routes page for the full story.
November 2, 2002Found some more canoe routes at the library, so updated my MNR Canoe Routes page accordingly. I have 41.9% of the routes now! If you have some that I don't, let me know, as I'd be interested in getting my hands on a copy!
October 30, 2002Posted my newest brilliant idea. I'm interested in obtaining canoe route brochures which were published by the MNR. I have compiled a list of all such brochures, which indicates which I have and which I need. It is my goal to have as many of these brochures as possible, so that this information is not lost forever.
October 30, 2002Added the journal for the last day of my latest trip (Matt just finished typing it up).
October 15, 2002Posted some info on my latest trip to the Serpentine Lake Loop. Includes route description, journal and links.
September 11, 2002Added a letter I received which states that Aubrey Island on Kimball Lake is private property, and that no camping is allowed there
September 9, 2002Updated the About Me page.
August 25, 2002Added some info about my latest canoe trip, this time to the Long Lake Route, near Apsley Ontario.
May 30, 2002Updated my resume, and the About Me page.
May 25, 2002Posted a page about my latest trip to the Rockaway Lake Route. Pictures will be coming soon when I get them developed and scanned. Check back here to see when it happens!
April 14, 2002Finished a map for my Nith River trip. Take a look!
April 9, 2002Updated my Thames River page with some more information after a paddle on the weekend. In the future, look for an updated Thames map and a map of the Nith
April 9, 2002Added a quote and another link to my Maps page.
April 2, 2002Added a page with information about the Nith River. I paddled it on the Easter long weekend.
Feb.23, 2002There is a new organization, Save Wilderness Canoeing, which is currently being formed to help preserve Canada's canoe routes. Learn more about this initiative here.
Feb.20, 2002Posted another great site on my Links page.
Jan.27, 2002Added some more links to my maps page. You can now view Ontario Base Map (OBM) data online!
Jan.23, 2002Did some updates on my Product Review pages. Check it out to see how some of these products have fared in the last few years
Jan.13, 2002In an attempt to reduce the amount of SPAM junkmail garbage I've been getting I've put up a new email page.
Jan.3, 2002Added some links to my Links page.
Jan.3, 2002Added a link to more information on my Poker Lake trip page.
Jan.3, 2002Happy New Year! I've added a few more links to my Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear pages.
Dec.20, 2001Updated all (I hope!) references to Richard Munn's fabulous "Canadian Canoe Routes" site to its new address at www.myccr.com
Nov.27, 2001Received approval for some more webrings. I'm now a member of the "Canoe and Kayak Ring," the "Canoe Canada Webring," and the "Ontario Outdoors" webring!
Nov.25, 2001Got approval for my first webring, "The Outdoors Webring"
Nov.25, 2001Signed up for some web rings. They aren't active yet, as I have to get approval from the ringmasters. I'll let you all know when they go live!
Nov.24, 2001Added a map to show the location of Schneider's Farm, and how to get there.
Nov.24, 2001Went on a hiking trip to Schneider's Farm and posted an information page and a map page about the area.
Nov.23, 2001Posted another update to my product review of the Trek Celestial Light Set. Check it out to see why I need another thumb.
Nov.9, 2001Corrected a mistake (oh no!). I mixed up one of the pictures from the Poker Lake trip, but it's fixed now!
Nov.4, 2001Did a slight update to the 'index' page.
Oct.27, 2001Added a product review for the Trek Celestial Light Set. See what I really think about this horrible product.
Oct.22, 2001Update my About Me page so that it's not too dated.
Oct.19, 2001Added more manufacturers to my listings!
Oct.18, 2001Posted some pictures from my trip to Poker Lake. Check them out!
Oct.17, 2001Added another page to the "The Way I See It" section. This one is titled "Why Do I Canoe Trip?"
Oct.11, 2001Added a journal and trip log/route description for my latest canoe trip. This time I went to the Poker Lake Route. It was a great trip! I hope to have some pictures from this trip developed and scanned in the future. Keep looking at this "What's New" page to find out when I get the pics up!
Sept.30, 2001Changed the "Darren's Outdoor Page" title at the top of each page from text to a graphic image. I think it looks a little bit better.. don't you?
Sept.30, 2001As of today, Sept.30, I've had the SiteMeter account for one full year. At the moment, I'm averaging 53 visits a day! Thanks for visiting!
Sept.29, 2001Added a product review for Ryders Sunglasses. Check it out!
Sept.25, 2001Updated my product review of the Photon Micro Light after a bit more use of it. Still love this product!
Sept.22, 2001Well, I'm well into the co-op process here at school, so I've updated my resume. Take a look
Sept.16, 2001After recieving some feedback on my "Europe Bound Rip-Off" article, I've decided to post a different view-point from one of the visitors to my site. Check out the newly revised version, and think about what's said there.
Sept.6, 2001I'm back from my summer job in Bancroft, and getting ready to go back to school. Probably won't be many site updates for a bit, but I do hope to do some more trips with the Outers Club this fall!
June 17, 2001Well folks, I'm gone up to Bancroft to work for the summer starting tomorrow (the 18th). I'll be gone until the end of August. I likely won't have internet access, so don't expect replies to your email (at least not for a long time!). I guess the site won't be updated for a while...since I start school again soon after I get back from work. Ah well!
June 14, 2001Added a second page to the Product Reviews section. The first review on the second page is for the Cascade Designs (Thermarest) Staytek Lite Long mattress. Take a look to see what I think!
June 12, 2001Finished a map of the Thames River Route. Check it out! It's a .pdf file, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.
June 12, 2001Breaking News! Europe Bound Travel Outfitters is ripping off product designs from Mountain Equipment Co-op. Read more about this scam!
May 30, 2001Made a new page. This one is called Maps. Right now all that's there is a bunch of links to online map resources. Soon there will be more map type info, but not yet!
May 21, 2001Added a link to "Bluewaters Wilderness Canoeing Homepage" on my links page.
May 14, 2001Posted my opinion about Fads in Outdoor Gear on the The Way I See It page.
May 10, 2001Added a new link to the links page. Also updated some Manufacturers and added a tip to the Equipment List page.
May 10, 2001Added a new search feature to my pages, so that you can search through all the pages in my site, and only pages in my site. You won't find results from other websites, or anything like that. This should make it easy to find pages specifically relating to what you are looking for on my site. Thanks to Picosearch for this great search engine!
May 7, 2001Added a new section to my site, called The Way I See It. This is where I post articles I have written about the way I see things. It's like an opinion or editorial page. I also posted my first article in the section, called Prices vs. Quality. It's a comment on the price of outdoor gear.
May 4, 2001Posted an updated version of my resume.
May 2, 2001Made a 'site map' of the site. This page shows every page located on my site, and tells you how to get to each one.
May 1, 2001Totally changed the layout of my pages. Instead of the links being in a column along the left side of the screen, I have switched to a "tabs" format, where all the info is broken into four sections. Each section then displays related links below it. All of the same page content is here.. and not too much has changed other than the layout. Let me know what you think about the new design!
April 30, 2001Updated the about me page a bit, so that's it's more accurate
April 20, 2001Updated the "look" of the page a bit. It now has white background to make the text easier to read, and a slightly different format.
April 20, 2001Used server side includes to add the "This page last updated on..." feature at the bottom of each page.
April 8, 2001Added a Product Review for the Jack Wolfskin Chic Choc 33 daypack
April 7, 2001Updated my Equipment List and Checklist pages.
April 6, 2001Finally finished my trail map of Hilton Falls Conservation Area. It's in .pdf format, so you'll need Acrobat Reader to view it.
March 31, 2001Added and updated more manufacturers on my Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear section.
March 1, 2001Added the newest version of my resume to replace the older one.
Feb.1, 2001Updated my Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear pages. Updated many URLS, phone numbers and added lots of new companies.
Jan.28, 2001Put up an information page about my ski trip to Hilton Falls Conservation Area.
Jan.6, 2001Updated the About Me page so that it is a little more up to date
Nov.27, 2000Added product reviews for the Fox-40 whistle, SealLine dry bags and map case, and the Leatherman Micra
Nov.27, 2000Moved some of the "old updates" to the What's Old? page, so that this one wouldn't be so long
Nov.27, 2000Typed up a journal for my latest trip to Killarney Park
Nov.13, 2000Posted some trip info on my latest trip. Killarney Park again!
Oct.31, 2000Added a page of winter camping tips. Just some ideas I've discovered during my research...
Oct.31, 2000Removed the survey....no one was voting!
Oct.30, 2000Added a few more Manufacturers to my Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear pages.
Oct.23, 2000Posted an information page about the Thames River. It's a short paddle close to my hometown of Woodstock, Ontario.
Oct.18, 2000Added a page about my latest canoe trip - this time to Georgian Bay Islands National Park, with the University of Waterloo Outers Club on Oct.7-9
Oct.5, 2000Added pictures to the About Me and Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area and Webster's Falls Park page.
Oct.3, 2000Updated the About Me page so that it is more accurate.
Oct.3, 2000Slightly modified the index page. Added a survey question, which will hopefully be changed on a regular basis (If I find the time)
Oct.1, 2000Posted a journal for my latest day hiking trip, this time to Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area and Webster's Falls Park. Pictures should be online shortly.
Sep.30, 2000Put a new counter on my page, from Site Meter. This counter provide more stats about when and where I get hits. I have hidden the counter, so that you don't have to look at it (it's not too pretty)
Sep.30, 2000Removed the Web-Counter from my page. I have been averaging 36.7 hits per day since January 7, 2000
Aug.19, 2000Finally finish the "A Day in the Life of a Wilderness Canoe Tripper" page. Give it a read!
Aug.18,2000Posted a map of my latest trip to Algonquin Park to complement the route description.
July 16, 2000Added Product Reviews for both the Brunton Tag-A-Long Plus and the Mini Mag-Lite. Check it out to see what I think of these products
July 10, 2000Removed both the "Lures for Bassin'" and the Message Board pages due to a lack of traffic.
July 10, 2000Updated the About Me page so that it was more accurately "about me". Added a link to a copy of my resume.
July 10, 2000Added more manufacturers to my Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear pages.
July 10, 2000Added some new links on my links page. Also changed all references to the "Ontario Canoe Routes" site to "Canadian Canoe Routes".
July 3, 2000Added a trip report for my most recent trip to the Leslie Frost Centre
Jun.21, 2000Added a journal for the most recent trip to Killarney.
Jun.11, 2000WebCounter update - this site has been getting an average of 35 visits a day since the WebCounter was installed. Thanks for visiting!
Jun.11, 2000Wrote up a trip log for my latest trip to Killarney Park.
Jan.7, 2000Added a WebCounter to my main index page.
Jan.3, 2000Added a product review for the Photon Micro-Light.
Jan.1, 2000Did a slight update to my About me page.
Jan.1, 2000Changed my email address. My new one is here. Please send all mail to this address now. Thanks muchly! (Please note that this website is Y2K compliant, for all you disbelievers out there...)
Oct.7, 1999Typed up the route for my latest trip to Algonquin Park.
Aug.28, 1999Added a page for a trip to Crotch Lake that I did with Camp-Y-On-The-Ottawa.
Aug.20, 1999Did some work on the Day in the Life of a Wilderness Canoe Tripper page. It's not done yet....but it's getting there... Give it a read if you haven't done so yet.
Aug.20, 1999Well all, I'm back from camp and made some changes to my pages. The index, equipment list and about me pages have been updated slightly.
June 2, 1999Posted the new Day in the Life of a Wilderness Canoe Tripper page. It's a description of what a trip is like on a day to day basis. This is only the beginning of this page, so check back often for updates!
May.26, 1999Added a journal to the French River trip I did way back when..... I just finally got around to typing it up!
May.26, 1999Updated the About Me page with more current info.
May.26, 1999Did some minor format change to the Canoe Trips page so that it's easier to read and understand.
May.26, 1999Moved all "old updates" to my "What's Old?" page so this one wouldn't be so long...
May.26, 1999Added a journal by my friend Jim to the Killarney Park Trip
May.24, 1999Posted the trip log for my Killarney Provincial Park trip May 6-10
Apr.4, 1999Added a Disclaimer to all info on this page. Please read it!
Mar.29, 1999Added a journal for a day hike to Crawford Lake/Rattlesnake Point Conservation Areas.
Feb.20, 1999The URL for Darren's Outdoor Page should be:

http://www.oxford.net/~davecope/outdoors/ Hopefully that will be it, unless I hear otherwise from the server, but I can't get a reply out of them for anything...
Please change all links and bookmarks to the above URL.
Feb. 20, 1999Updated the Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear page to include many more companies.
Feb. 3, 1999Added a new page! The Check List page is the exact same as my "Canoe Trip Equipment List", but it is designed to print off. It has no descriptions or links like the Equipment List page does, and it has check-boxes to help you pack!
Feb. 3, 1999Updated my Equipment List page to reflect the new Canadian Coast Guard regulations. It is now necessary to have a 15m floating rope and a floating flashlight in all canoes.
Feb. 2, 1999Did a major overhaul of the Manufacturers and Retailers page. I decided to make it only Manufacturers, so renamed the page appropriately, Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear. This page now has a listing of what each company makes, as well as their webpage address, phone number and e-mail address (if available).
Feb. 2, 1999Added a journal for my Frost Center trip.
Feb. 2, 1999Calculated daily portage and paddling distances, as well as total portage and paddling distances for my French River trip.
Feb. 2, 1999Wrote up my trip journal for my Massassauga Park trip.
Feb. 2, 1999Updated my Equipment List page with a few new points.
Feb. 2, 1999Made the new Other Trips page. This page tells you about some of the trips I have done that aren't canoe trips. Right now there is nothing on it....but soon I hope.
Feb. 2, 1999Added my trip journal to the Georgian Bay Islands trip. This is just the journal I kept on the trip, and it may be interesting to someone interesting in doing this trip.
Feb. 2, 1999Added the About Me page. This page just tells you a little bit about me, the owner of this site. Nothing fancy, just some background information, and a picture (coming soon)
Feb. 2, 1999Removed my "Choosing a Canoe" page. I felt that I was never going to get it done, and I really don't think that I know enough about the subject to write a page on it.
Feb. 2, 1999Did a major fomat change (yes again) to all pages. I removed many of the useless litle pictues and hopefully made the site easier to navigate too. I used Server Side Includes so that future changes to the menues would be easier. Hope you like it!
Jan. 13, 1998Reviewed the Kettlewell Modified Ottertail on my Product Reviews page.
Jan. 02, 1999Completed product reviews of the Christmar Adventure Map Series and the Swift Algonquin 16.
Dec. 29, 1998Added GearFinder, The Canadian Outdoor Page, The Gear Review Company, Parks Canada and Cross Country Ski World to my links page.
Dec. 29, 1998Added a bunch of companies to my Manufacturers and Retailers page.
Nov. 19, 1998Added my site to the Canoe Canada Webring!
Nov. 01, 1998Did some format change to the page. Removed my page rule .gif and replaced it with horizontal rules, for faster page loading. Also allowed cell width to vary, to allow page to fit in smaller browser windows without making readers scroll.
Oct. 19, 1998Updated the Equipment List page with the addition of a GPS Unit. Thanks to Brent Kelly for this idea.
Oct. 14, 1998Added the white box around the page that is currently selected in the menu on the left. (look at "What's New" in the menu)
Oct. 14, 1998Removed all broken and outdated links from the Manufacturers and Retailers page!
Sep. 30, 1998Added subcatagories on the menu for Manufacturers and Retailers and Canoe Trip Info pages.
Sep. 30, 1998Split the Manufacturers and Retailers page into three separate pages as it was getting to be a long load time.
Sep. 30, 1998
Brought back the page mascot Enid the moose! I hope you like him....

Enid the Moose!
Sep. 30, 1998Simplified the links page, by removing all old links except for the ones that i feel are excellent, and putting them all back onto one smaller page. This makes it easier for me to keep track of broken links, and becuase there are already enough pages out there with huge lists of links!
Sep. 30, 1998The NEW look! I removed the annoying frames and (hopefully) streamlined the page to make it better! Mail me! to tell me what you think of the changes!
Sep.28, 1998Added Spyderco Delica to Product Reviews page.
Sep.28, 1998Added funky little smiley faces () to Product Reviews page for the rating system
Sep.22, 1998Added Nalgene Water Bottles to Product Reviews page.
Sep.22, 1998Began the Product Reviews section of my page. This will be used to tell you what I think about products.
Sep.22, 1998Added a link to Paddling.net to Canoeing Links page. (page is no longer with us)
Sep.22, 1998Updated the Equipment List page with the addition of a repair kit. Thanks to Layn Hayes for this idea.
Sep.22, 1998This "What's New" page is added to keep you updated on changes to the site!
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